• If you are looking to escape the southern winter then I invite you to join me in one of these fabulous destinations where the food is seriously good, the people are specially warm, the accommodations mostly heritage boutique.
    We bring to both programs many years of experience, connection and familiarity that will prise open the unexpected, allowing you to float above and beneath the tourist veil.

  • Indeed, the cultures of Mexico and Morocco are very far from our own, yet both countries in recent years have stolen some of my heart, and I look forward to sharing the journey of discovery, as much as prising open these vibrant destinations that so differently represent a melting pot of history and culture – where the ancient past and contemporary present blend to create a unique synergy with a foot in both worlds. Join me in a vast buffet of multiplicity.

  • Leunig gives voice to our existential concerns and can so poignantly express what we repress. It seemed apposite then to reproduce these pieces that remind us to bring joy and levity to what often becomes a manic time for many, as the frenzy builds towards the festive season and self care goes out the door.

  • I wonder if you, like me feel time rushing by? My yoga teacher recently wrote this to me: Are we imagining or is it that our pace of life has accelerated time? They say Akasha (Space) gives Avakasha (time)!

    The last few months I have enjoyed researching a new tour in Mexico and spending precious time with family and an endless stream of houseguests on Cape Cod that has felt more tropical than being in the middle of an Indian monsoon. The antidote to this lovely busyness of friends, landscaping projects, birthday celebrations and the preparation of so many meals for at least twelve people each day has been daily walks in the woods or along the shoreline and yoga. I have now added to my routine, working out on a pilates reformer, celery juicing and making batches of Jamu – the Indonesian elixir thought to be anti-inflammatory and and an effective antioxidant.

  • An Indian, though too-dry summer on the Peninsula saw abundance in the food garden, especially luscious figs going gangbusters, a much relished extended swimming season and shared suppers on the beach.

    Whilst I adore that time of year, I undertook a three week dash to India to explore new regions and new hotels. Mumbai, an explosive megalopolis surprised and excited me. Undoubtedly one of life’s greatest experiences was attending the Sacred Sufi music festival. The Rajasthan landscape keeps delivering wonderful and most ambient new properties. More on these discoveries below.