Drive through lush landscapes of orchards and mustard crops drive up to Aru where the amazing trek team awaits you for lunch.
The Sheik family has been guiding people through their mountains since 1952. One could not feel more cosseted or safe in their midst. They have brilliant mountain skills that enable them to build a bridge over a river, run like gazelles over rocks, command ponies to follow without being led, swiftly halal-slaughter a chook for the cooking pot, set up a wonderfully appointed camp in record time, lend a helping hand and watchful eye as you navigate a tricky terrain, prepare scrumptious delicious meals with the simplest gear, or even sing to you from their hearts, songs of love and yearning and hope.
Never before in life have we experienced a kinder, gentler, more capable, caring and respectful group of men.
Camping is by a fresh mountain stream.