Fly to Kolkata and check into your luxury Hotel.
This afternoon’s neibhourhood stroll takes you to the grandiose British South Park Street cemetery established in 1767. Discover fascinating obelisks, temples and general gothic splendour, and telling stories on the tombstones.

Dinner this evening is the private home of an art collector.

Kolkata, (Calcutta) India’s second-biggest city, whilst conjuring images of squalid poverty, is surprisingly charming – a melting pot of crumbling British grandeur mixed with a vibrant cultural, intellectual and artistic beat. Originally leased by the British East India Company in the late 17thC who built its riverine strategic trading port, it became in the 19th C, the fist capital of the British Raj that drew large immigrant populations of Jews, Muslims, Armenians, and Chinese who left lasting legacies. It is a city passionate about food, boasting perhaps India’s most sophisticated cuisine and still houses quaint Anglo clubs and cafes, a racetrack, and other vestiges of its former glory.