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EPICURIOUS EUROPE TOUR | 7-19 September 23



First and foremost, we do not discriminate. We welcome and give our services to all inquisitive travellers, whatever age, identity, belief system, so long as you approach us with an open mind, endless curiosity for the ‘human project’ of experience, and the impetus to travel with a sense of meaning and enrichment.

Personal research, impeccable planning and attention to the smallest details define our style.

Our trips peel back the surface layers, so you enjoy the unexpected, have your curiosity ignited, your senses and sensibilities nourished, your memories cherished, your personal freedoms respected, your expectations excelled.

Our group tours are not so overloaded with activity that you won’t have time for a little independent exploration, time to read, rest, write, ruminate.

We work only with operators, guides, hotels and drivers who will give you the same service, courtesy and respect as we do.

We value you, from your first enquiry to following up after you reach home. Our communications with you from start to finish are prompt, efficient and highly personalised.

Whilst everything is meticulously pre-planned, it is sometimes the case that the countries we travel in can throw a curve ball – a flight might be delayed, a designated route might be closed, something exciting is happening in the vicinity, such as a festival or temple ceremony, that we only come to hear about on reaching. Whatever decisions we take will be made in the best interests of the group at large. We are solution oriented and work with the best people on the ground to help us manage any contingency. You, our guest, can be assured we take full responsibility, at all times, for your safety and comfort. You can be carefree knowing the best outcome will be realised.

We design well-paced itineraries that allow a deep immersion in and appreciation of your experiences. This means being in most places for at least two, if not three nights. Occasionally, if there is a one-night stay  – it is used as a halt to avert an otherwise too long drive. We know about secret hideaways, in case you need a break from the breathless pace, or a calmative end to your adventure, before you re-enter your hectic life.

We are known for our “style”. We almost never use international or chain hotels. We have a strong predilection towards smaller properties that in their architecture, location, and management exude the character and charm of the place. We choose boutique, owner-operated and heritage, if they are fabulous, over bland and modern. Every property is personally vetted. Our view of luxury is not about opulence (the gold plated tap or vast marble lobby variety – though if you want it, we will obtain it for you) – rather it’s about warmth of welcome, standards of comfort and service, the excellence of cuisine, the best available in a destination where the offerings might be more meager, opening to you the doors to our inner circle, working with local experts and fascinating, generous personalities.

We believe it is often the case for most travellers that it is the people they meet, as much, if not more so, than the places they see, that form lasting memories. We love to connect people. We do this in all manner of ways.

When Marieke is taking a tour, she creates a cocktail hour at the end of most days, so guests can relax and converse. We provide entrée to private homes so you meet interesting locals. We carry picnics so you can enjoy the landscape and see the passing parade of daily life in a village. We’ll buy entrance tickets in advance so you don’t get caught up in the crowds.

We believe that no program is rigid and take an organic approach that allows us to include the unexpected – it might be to stop and mingle with a wedding party, or to take a small detour that promises an exciting and colourful ceremony.

On any tour, our ultimate commitment is to our guests’ pleasure, well-being, enrichment and sense of harmony. Every personal request will be accommodated so long as it does not compromise the good of the greater group.



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