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D Graham

In a lifetime of journeys the most significant I have embarked upon is the learning of self. Along the way I encountered a workshop led by Saraswathi Vasudevan’s supported by Marieke from Marieke’s Art of Living and shared by a group of inspiring women. The energy was powerful, the honesty humbling and the wisdom profound.  Twenty eight women in a room will always generate emotion and we shared across the spectrum: tears spilled, laughter flowed, we danced, and ideas blossomed.  Saras guided us to breathe with deep awareness and to seek clarity within each life brimming inhalation and exhalation – settled there in that unremarkable daily act I discovered remarkable truths. How blessed to find myself in that place, on these days, connected to the greater possibilities of my being, through the spiritual benevolence of Saras. Her teachings guide me daily and I will always be grateful for our encounter. D Graham March 2016


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