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Dear Marieke and Saras,
Every time I attend one of these retreats I am amazed at their power. 
I am actually finding it difficult to put how I feel into words, as the transformation that has commenced is at such a subtle level, it feels like words are simply not enough.
I am still coming to terms with the transformative nature of both the content and practices. 
So much conditioning fell away in my relationship with myself, with my relationships and with my practice.
When I say fell away with my practice, I mean the expectations and many layers of dukham I had created for myself. It would take me far too long
to enunciate them all in detail except to say that the effect was profound. 
I feel incredibly blessed to have attended, working through issues that had been bothering me for a considerable time but which I never expected
to be highlighted and offered solutions for. Saras, are you clairvoyant J? It felt like it. Lydia

Thoughts about our time together with Saras are always close, I am happy to share some with you. Love Delyse –


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