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Michael + Carolyn L Perth

Thanks again for the wonderful tour of Morocco. Your choice of five cities and two additional overnight destinations (in the Agafay Desert and the Ourika Valley) provided us with as broad and varied an exposure to Morocco as could possibly be fitted into two weeks. Carolyn and I have, at last,  “twigged” to your focus on authenticity and on getting close to the sense of a place.
On this tour, again, your choice of accommodation, your selection of tour guides and the numerous locations you identified for meals, all reflect your own style as well as your intuition for the tastes of more occasional travellers such as us. For meals, the food and the ambience and the view provided, repeatedly combined to create unique experiences; your ability to identify local artisans gave those of us so inclined with the focused opportunity to shop and to learn still more about this incredible country; the unexpected interactions with hotel and Riyadh owners, ex-pats and academics left us feeling enlightened and very special.
Perhaps the best “measure” of your talent is the fact that we both had such an extraordinarily good time, one of our very best holidays. There were just so many high spots and we proceeded at such an agreeable pace, rarely pushed but never bored. And always exceptionally well fed and watered.
Many thanks once again for your expertise and guidance and wonderful company.
Kind wishes, Michael + Carolyn L Perth | September 2018


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