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Suzanne Halliday

And so to Paradise – Land of the Thunder Dragon…
I haven’t stopped raving since I returned…and have been wondering why I came back…
I so appreciated the silence, beauty and tranquillity of the land and its people.
Have had a very brief look at some pics on disc bringing back the wonder of it all … I found myself smiling at the screen…it will be a long time before the images start to fade…..
Thanks to you, the fabulous Bhutan team and the Indian import, another magical journey has been safely completed ever -so -specially and filed away in the memory box, as one of life’s unforgettable and wondrous adventures that I am confident cannot be matched. 
And now to dreams of happy smiling faces, flags fluttering in the valleys of rhododendrons and magnolias. a place at peace and prayer.
 Love, Suzanne Halliday


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